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  With the development of..., more and more people….Some people think… Other argue….In my opinion, ….







  Place for education:

  Perspective1: Schools are better places for education because institutions like schools are more likely to combine a myriad of resources for better use.

  Perspective2: Education does not necessarily take place in schools as long as the educated can be imparted with valuable things that might do favor for their future.

  Perspective3: Home schooling can also be an alternative for education because receiving education at home helps the educated to be free from unnecessary disturbance.

  【开头段Sample】Are schools the best place for children to receive education? Or are there any other alternatives available? When talking about places for education, the first thing that comes into our mind is classroom education. However, recently, more and more parents have chosen home schooling for their teenagers. Parenting, surely, counts in education system; whereas, education can take various forms as long as the educated could be enlightened or inspired during the process.




  STEM education:

  Many people believe that a background in STEM — science, technology, engineering and mathematics — is needed to succeed in the 21st century. As technological advancements continue to reshape society, people with STEM training are more likely to be in increasing demand as they apply for colleges or seek a job. However, students do not seem to share the enthusiasm for STEM education. Research suggests that their interest and participation in such fields are declining. Given that students are not interested in STEM, it is worthwhile to value STEM education.

  Perspective1: The purpose of education is to prepare students to get a good job. Highest-paying jobs require knowledge in STEM.

  Perspective2: It is much more than a high-paying job to be fulfilled in life. The happiest people work at what they love.

  Perspective3: No one can predict what a job in tomorrow will require. The basic, well-rounded education is best for most people.

  【开头段Sample】Do you remember the joy of solving a difficult equation on your own as a student? Do you remember the pleasure of listening to those greatest immortal souls in science? Do you remember the excitement when you finally discover how CPU works as an integrated part? These experiences keep reminding us how fun STEM education is. To students who have great interest in STEM, it would be an ideal gift if they continue to learn STEM.

  【解析】开头3个“Do you remember…?”将提问法和排比修辞相结合,语气瞬间增强3倍。一句话简短分析了理工教育的趣味后,引出了立场:对于喜欢理工科的学生来说,学习使它们快乐,即观点2。提问数量控制在3个以内为宜,既不会造成虎头蛇尾的感觉,也不会耽搁太多时间,毕竟文章重点还是要放在中间段。

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